Welcome to the ASPA Connected Community

ASPA Connected Community, LLC is a wholly-owned entity of the Arizona State Physicians Association (ASPA). The ASPA Connected Community charter is to promote community-based collaborative care and to contract with payers in value-based contracts that recognize our Member Providers' commitment to improved patient care in the community.

ASPA CC Why-What-How 

As independent providers who choose to clinically collaborate in care delivery with other Member Providers in the communities we serve, we can make a meaningful positive impact on the overall healthcare needs of our patients.

The primary goals of the ASPA Connected Community are to help our Member Providers:

  1. Deliver improved care and improved outcomes for the patients we serve
  2. Effectively involve patients in their own care
  3. Develop value-based payer contracts that recognize our efforts
  4. Preserve the role of the independent provider in care delivery

In pursuit of these goals, the ASPA Connected Community is providing enabling technology and clinical services to help our Member Providers develop a clinically-integrated capability and pursue payer relationships with commercial and government payers that reward our care coordination. We encourage you to explore this site to understand our programs and services that are available to you as a member of the ASPA Connected Community.

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